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New Dimaps Feature: Hybrid Distribution

We have added a new type of distribution net: hybrid (or combo). As circulation, products and demographics change, there is a need to combine addressed products (newspapers, magazines, parcels) and unaddressed products (weeklies, commercial mail). With this new hybrid distribution feature, Dimaps is "addressing" this issue.


Our Man in Amsterdam

On May 4th, Paul Gillogaley represented Dimaps at the Aria Recur in Amsterdam. The event drew customers and partners from across Europe to learn about new trends in subscription models, payments and analytics. Paul made the observation that, "The younger generation is moving away from subscriptions to a ‘pay as you go’ model. The successful companies will offer a myriad of alternatives to pay for their products".


Get ready for ESG Reporting

The European Financial Reporting Advisory Group has drawn up comprehensive reporting rules covering all aspects of environmental, social and governance issues, which will be mandatory for big European companies beginning in the 2024 financial year. The standards have been sent to the European Commission and are expected to be finalized around the middle of 2023, and will then be made mandatory in all EU countries.


This driver could use Dimaps' Local Knowledge!

A 77-Year-Old tourist with excellent taste in cars but a poor sense of direction ended up damaging his Alpina B3 Touring on a hiking trail in Austria. The 77-year-old German chose to blindingly trust his GPS instead of reading the road signs and listening to warnings from passers-by telling him cars were not allowed on that course.
[Source: Adrian Padeanu,]


New Dimaps Transport Feature

When the same product can be delivered through several truck lines but one line is preferred, our customers need to prioritize their preferred line. A new feature in Dimaps' Transport module (Servicepack R2023/SP1) adds priority settings for truck lines, depots and tours.

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