Dimaps Accuroute finds the best way and the most efficient delivery sequence even in complex and changing environments.

The delivery environment is dynamic. Changing road, traffic and weather conditions impact every route. Dimaps Accuroute is route optimization software that dynamically generates delivery and collection routes.

Dimaps software lets you know exactly where by combining route optimisation with local knowledge details, such as missing addresses, road updates, delivery drop locations, new buildings, new neighbourhoods, driver insights, customer requests and more. The benefits are measured in higher driver productivity with dramatic reductions in costs, complaints and CO2 emissions.

Dimaps Accuroute dynamically optimizes routes for the delivery of media products, parcels and groceries or the collection of waste and recycling.

Cloud-based Software

Your Dimaps solution is always on and always up to date with the latest features

Flexible Solutions

Dimaps software is integrated with your existing logistics systems to meet your specific business needs.

Responsive Service

Dimaps experts are always ready to support our customers across the globe

What our customers say

"Dimaps software is the foundation for our ability to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction of any media group in Austria."

Roman Minimayr

Managing Director
Salzburger Nachrichten
Salzburg Austria

“With a few clicks, Dimaps gives us a quick and complete overview of our distribution network.”

Rene Steensen

Project Manager
Midtjyke Medier
Aarhus Denmark