About Us

We're Dimaps, a software company from Denmark with expertise in precision distribution and navigation.

Last year, our Local Knowledge software guided on-time deliveries of more than 1.4 billion products across Europe.
Local Knowledge Data Sheet

Local Knowledge is the key to precision, productivity and savings.

Dimaps performed an analysis of a 17-stop rural delivery route to determine the potential savings as measured by extra miles driven and time lost due to routing schedule variance. Dimaps’ Local Knowledge software could have saved 42 minutes and 18.2 miles. On an annual basis, Dimaps software could save 6,643 miles driven and 255 hours, which converts to 15-20% productivity gain.

Our Past

Dimaps was founded in Denmark in 2005 by experts working on distribution applications and GIS solutions for more than 20 years. The Dimaps team combines expertise and solid experience from the distribution business and software engineering. We are driven to deliver customer-centric solutions while we continue to push the boundaries of distribution innovation.

Our Future

In addition to its Local Knowledge innovations, Dimaps is at the heart of emerging delivery technologies. Dimaps GIS expertise is assisting with driverless van development in Germany. Dimaps engineers are also working with the National Drone Centre in Denmark developing FAA-approved flight plans for deliveries by drone in remote and rural areas. Dimaps continues to explore new opportunities that map the future of delivery technology.

   Cloud-based Software

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                Flexible Solutions

Dimaps software is integrated with your existing logistics systems to meet your specific business needs.

    Responsive Service

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