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New Feature: On-the-Fly Database Backups

Dimaps now includes After-Imaging for the database replacing the older approach of making backups once or twice per day. No business can afford to lose a full day's work if a server breaks down. With After-Imaging, backup files are created on-the-fly, so that, in the event of a server failure, only a few minutes are lost. There are no additional Dimaps license costs for After-Imaging. (For real-time replication and load-balancing across several servers, a separate replication product is available from Progress OpenEdge for an additional license cost. With this product, there will be no loss of data.)

Progress World Tour 2024 Inspires Dimaps’ Strategy 

Progress Software continues to play a central role in Dimaps’ software infrastructure. To learn more about Progress’ plans for the future, Boris Henriksen attended the Open Edge World Tour 2024 in Cologne. The presentations described new features in the latest OpenEdge release along with insights into artificial intelligence, security and regulatory compliance. Two key takeaways for Dimaps from the event are:1. Clarity on how to further utilize AI in Dimaps’ products and,2. Adding a modern UX/UI approach to the road map to enable system-overlapping front ends.The conference also gave Boris the opportunity to make valuable new contacts with Progress executives as well as meet OpenEdge customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.‍

Speed Profiles Highlight Latest Dimaps Software

Dimaps latest software release (R2024 Servicepack 1) offers major new performance features, including Speed Profiles and AppServer. Our GIS product now offers Speed Profiles, which are pre-defined through a combination of the delivery vehicle and average speed on each of the street types within a district. With Speed Profiles, GIS calculates time estimates for deliveries based on products, service and preparation times. Speed Profiles can save time and provide greater route time accuracy. Also, with this release, Dimaps Backoffice now runs on AppServer. This increases performance considerably because all processes and data handling are now done on the server, which reduces network traffic significantly.This also eliminates the need to set up ODBC on the clients.‍ Contact Dimaps support for more technical details of this release.

New District Manager Mobile Tool

Dimaps have a new mini-app for district managers. This makes it possible to see status on all districts and complaints on the go. There is information on when a carrier started and ended delivery, who didn’t show up for work etc. Number of complaints ticking in on districts is shown, and you can get a top-down list of complaints. From the App you get carrier on district, carrier contact data, depot and depot contact data. In Q4 we will enhance functionality with tagging recurring complaints and assigning substitute carriers to districts in case of absence etc.

New Dimaps Tool Creates Precise Walking Order

Announcing ‘OptimizeDistrict’, which is a new tool that will generate walking orders for a district based on Dimaps Ecoroute software. OptimizeDistrict generates a walking order that differs from those in Dimaps Precision GIS, as this procedure works with cars and trucks, not bicycle or on foot. The tool works in three ways: 1) it can generate a csv-file with times and mileage, 2) it can generate a new walking order in Dimaps Precision GIS and, 3) updates districts with walking order in addition to creating one in Precision.

Major Enhancement: Dynamic District Planning

Announcing a major enhancement to Dimaps Precision. Dimaps have added Dynamic District Planning to Dimaps Precision (GIS product). Now profiles can be defined to show a more realistic workload on addresses. Workload is then calculated as an average over a specified time period, weekdays and products to show which addresses are serviced most often. In Dimaps Precision, this allows for optimal walking orders and more accurate distance and work time calculations. Dynamic District Planning allows for a different service time per product type (newspaper, letter, parcel, etc.). We are confident that this new feature will make it easier to plan districts and give realistic working hours for resource planning. The business and environmental benefits of Dynamic District Planning are measured in higher productivity and lower carbon emissions.

Driving Digital Transformation in Denmark

Dimaps was one of the Danish companies cited for working on green solutions and digitalization of business at the 2023 South Jutland Business Awards. The event was hosted by Mads Sandemann (pictured lower right), JydskeVestkysten's editor-in-chief and featured minister Marie Bjerre (pictured left) from Denmark's ministry of digital government. Minister Bjerre spoke about the importance of driving digital transformation and how businesses in southern Denmark are thriving by using robots and automizing work flows.Dimaps was represented at the event by Boris Henriksen and Thomas Mogensen who is pictured (above right) talking with Michael Mørch from South Denmark's growth council.

New Feature: Hybrid Distribution

We have added a new type of distribution net: hybrid (or combo). As circulation, products and demographics change, there is a need to combine addressed and unaddressed products. Traditionally an addressed distribution (newspapers, magazines, parcels) is kept in one net and an unaddressed (weeklies, commercial mail) in another. It is still possible to convert unaddressed products to single deliveries on an addressed distribution. Also, it is possible to generate a list of addressed deliveries when working on an unaddressed net. With a hybrid net, each product is handled according to product type. There is no conversion of unaddressed products into single deliveries and addressed products are handled like an addressed net. Contact us to learn more about this feature.

Need to prepare for ESG Reporting?

Dimaps has joined the Advisory Board of E-SG Cloud, a startup company who will deliver a SaaS solution for creating reports about a company’s sustainability. This is a requirement for public companies in the EU for fiscal year 2024 and is already a must for companies dealing with public companies. Dimaps will add functionality and interfaces for seamless integration with E-SG Cloud. At this moment, we and E-SG Cloud are reaching out to customers who want to participate and influence the process. It's not too early to prepare!

High Performance AppServer Product

In April, Dimaps began offering a pre-release version of our AppServer enabled product. AppServer means no Client/Server database access. All processes and data handling is done server-side, which enhances performance and reducing network traffic significantly. As AppServers can serve many users per agent, it also means freeing up a lot of resources on the server. We think this is a great enhancement for Dimaps customers. If you would like to start using this feature, please contact Dimaps support.

Dimaps welcomes Astrid Gassner!

Astrid Gassner joined the Dimaps team on April 1st. Ms. Gassner is responsible for the company's PR and communication and project management. She is an experienced writer and editor who, for many years, has been doing the environmental program "Rainbow-Magazine" on Radio LORA Munich 92.4.

New Transport Prioritization Feature!

When the same product can be delivered through several truck lines but one line is preferred, our customers need to prioritize their preferred line. A new feature in Dimaps' Transport module (Servicepack R2023/SP1) adds priority settings for truck lines, depots and tours.

Why we all need Dimaps' Local Knowledge!

The 77-year-old German chose to blindingly trust his GPS instead of reading the road signs and listening to warnings from passers-by telling him cars were not allowed on that course. Even though the path got narrower, that didn't stop the elderly driver from advancing, up until there was no room left to squeeze into. Images released by the fire department from Sankt Gilgen show the performance wagon caught between a rock and a hard place, both literally and figuratively. Source: Adrian Padeanu,

New Payroll Workflow Feature!

A major enhancement is added to the Dimaps payroll system. With the next Service pack (R2023/SP1) we have added workflow functionality. Use this new feature and get rid of papers, forms, Excel worksheets and other means of keeping track of extra pay, payroll deductions etc. With this new functionality, district managers can enter extra pay in their own Dimaps payroll worksheet and submit their entries for approval by their managers. Several levels can be added, if regional managers can only approve, but not book entries finally, another person/department can have the rights to book the entries approved.

Congratulations to Sander Hendriksen!

Dimaps GIS developer Sander Hendriksen is having his 10th anniversary with Dimaps. We’re glad to have him on the team and look forward to exciting new developments in our GIS product.

New Feature! Product Serial Number Tracking

With Dimaps next Servicepack 2023 SP1, products with serial numbers can be handled be Dimaps. This means not only control of how many products are in stock, but also track of each serial number. This is especially useful for handling trailers, scooters etc. Handling of serial numbers are also included in Dimaps standard purchasing and invoicing modules. Historic transactions on each serial number is kept if a product is going in and out of stock to different employees.

New Dimaps Feature

New Dimaps Feature! With Dimaps next Servicepack 2023 SP1, we have introduced ISO3166 country code tables. This means that nationality is recorded with the official 2-letter country code. Dimaps delivers information on each country about membership of EU, EEA and Nordic Council. In addition to the new table, work permits are checked at each production. Member countries of the Nordic Council will not need any work permits. EU citizens working within the EU will need proof of citizenship and have no expiration date. All other countries will need work permits. Work permits in general have expiration dates, at which date Dimaps will terminate work assignments until a valid work permit is registered.

Introducing Ecoroute API

Do you need to automate your entire delivery route workflow? The answer is Ecoroute API - a REST Application Programming Interface that integrates with your order system.‍ Ecoroute API eliminates manual steps and streamlines your workflow to handle large volumes of orders and multi-vehicle delivery routes. Want to learn more about Ecoroute API? Go to

Ecoroute Case Study

Ecoroute Case Study: new digital mapping software at the heart of the EU Green Energy project proves to be economical and eco-friendly. “Waste management optimization is a dramatic way to reduce carbon emissions. All of the new algorithms we developed for the EU Green Energy project will be integrated into Ecoroute and made available across industries to dramatically reduce carbon emissions.” - Boris Henriksen, Managing Director, Dimaps #greenenergy #wastemanagement

Introducing Ecoroute

We have just launched a new online delivery routing service called Ecoroute. Now businesses of any size - using any web browser - can access the precision of Dimaps' local knowledge navigation. Ecoroute always finds the fastest, most economical & eco-friendly delivery routes. Ecoroute is available today in Denmark and we will be adding more countries in the EU and UK throughout 2023. Want to find out how Ecoroute could work for you? Go to to request a 30-day free trial for your business. Focus on your core business and stop stressing about home deliveries.