Precision GIS

Precision GIS is Dimaps' route optimization core that reduces your delivery costs, customer complaints and carbon emissions while increasing driver productivity.

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Precision GIS The geographical data in Dimaps system consists of road and address points. Dimaps' GIS solution can handle multiple route layers in the same map  window. Here you can specify which route grid you wish to see, and once the route grid has been selected,  you select the required postal codes, after which the system is ready for use. Now you can view address  points and route areas and household numbers listed by type, number of subscribers and households  which have opted out of receiving advertising, etc.

Route descriptions The Dimaps GIS solution makes it possible to get detailed route descriptions as well  as route maps., including:

Route map showing all households on the route
Route map which shows only addresses with customers/subscribers

Based on the data on the exact numbers of households it is easy to create and maintain routes, as the  program always keeps track of the number of households and subscribers on each individual route.

  Drop-off order If the distribution route involves crossing a busy road, or if the deliveries are required to be made in a fixed  order, it is possible to use a forced drop-off order.

Route length The program includes a unique tool which will accurately calculate the length of each route – not only at  road level, but also including the distance from the road to the mail box, doorstep or staircase. It is also  possible to calculate walking distances on footpaths, etc., without registered middle-of-the-road points. If  you want, the calculated route lengths may be included in the route descriptions.

Delivery and Collection. Dimaps Precision can optimize logistics for the delivery of groceries, media products, parcels or the collection of waste and recycling.

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