Waste + Recycling Solution

Dimaps Collections with Local Knowledge is the key to
reducing costs, complaints and carbon emissions.

Your customers expect their waste and recycling to be collected on-time and in a specific location. Dimaps is an innovator of precision navigation software for the collection of waste and recycling materials.

Dimaps adds local knowledge to mapping data to increase routing accuracy while reducing collection costs. Our software helps you know exactly where by combining route optimisation with local knowledge details, such as missing addresses, road updates, delivery drop locations, new buildings, new neighbourhoods, driver insights, customer requests and more. The results are measured in higher driver productivity and dramatic cost savings.

Local Knowledge Data Sheet

   Cloud-based Software

Your Dimaps solution is always on and always up to date with the latest features

                Flexible Solutions

Dimaps software is integrated with your existing logistics systems to meet your specific business needs.

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