Dimaps delivers EU Green Energy project
to integrate IoT smart sensors and digital mapping

Project Overview

The Green Energy Cluster project deploys IoT smart sensors and digital mapping in waste management using Dimaps software and smart waste bins from Maacks. Today, in waste and recycling collections, there is no way to know if a bin is full or empty. This results in emptying bins too frequently and trucks driving costly predefined routes.

With IoT sensors reporting fill levels and using new routing algorithms, it is possible to reduce costs and carbon emission dramatically. The purpose of the EU project is to develop better IoT electronic devices, AI tools to predict when bins will be full and new algorithms to handle optimisation. Dimaps is developing the new optimisation algorithms that  are needed to manage electric vehicles and smart bin locations.

“It is an honour to be recognized by the EU for our expertise and innovation,” said Boris Henriksen, Managing Director, Dimaps.  “Waste management optimisation is a dramatic way to reduce carbon emissions. The new algorithms we are developing for the Green Energy project will be integrated into all of our solutions to reduce carbon emissions across industries.”

The Green Energy project was completed in 2021 culminating in a pilot implementation in a Danish municipality  in 2022. with plans for deployments across the EU.